Letters: Try and get behind exciting city projects . . for a change

THE row surrounding the proposed revamp of Edinburgh Accies’ Raeburn Place ground (News, October 11) is as predictable as it is disappointing.

As with the ongoing saga in Portobello regarding the construction of a new high school, there is a desperate reluctance to accept anything that can be perceived as progress in the Capital.

This development has the benefit of keeping Accies in the Stockbridge area, improving facilities for the club and – most importantly – enabling future generations to flourish on the sporting field. Throw in the extra retail offering that will provide much-needed competition and it is win-win for the area.

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Granted, the 5000-capacity stadium is probably excessive for Accies’ needs but what is wrong with showing some ambition for a change?

If some of the “nimby” element of the city continue to try and block such projects, we will be in danger of being constantly overlooked as a location for developers.

“Inspiring Capital?” More like “We dinnae do change”.

Alastair Miller, St Stephen Street, Stockbridge

Bins boss should be getting sack

It beggers belief that the director of services for the communities, Mark Turley, has not been asked to resign or indeed sacked by Edinburgh City Council due to this latest fiasco by his department.

Whilst the latest shambles is the worst so far, there are many others that have occurred during his management. This is not the first time there has been severe problems regarding the uplifting of household and business waste, overflowing bins and the resultant threat of vermin. There was the two-year work-to-rule by the bin men – and for a period of time backed by the street cleansing staff – and what was the outcome of that dispute? What benefit did the long suffering public get? Nothing.

What this latest shambles highlights is the complete lack of any basic thought process.

What incentive is there for anyone within this department to do their job properly, when the man ultimately responsible for all that happens within the department is never held to account by our councillors?

David Black, Kenmure Avenue, Edinburgh

Irony’s lost in refuse debate

I can’t help but note the irony of John Stevenson’s contribution to the refuse debate (Should the Capital’s bin collection be privatised?, News, October 9).

He opens by criticising others as being wedded to ideology. He then proceeds to launch into an ideological rant of his own which, of course, features the obligatory 
reference to Margaret Thatcher who, may I add, ceased being Prime Minister when I was three years old.

Councillor Nick Cook, Liberton/Gilmerton Ward

Paws for thought when buying dog

LAST week, police in Ireland found dozens of puppies stuffed in boxes in the back of two cars. It’s believed they were bred illegally on an Irish puppy farm and were destined for cities in the UK such as 

Sadly, puppies on these farms are often raised in appalling conditions and can suffer from a range of problems such as mange, ear mites, fleas, eye infections and parasitic infections. Farmed dogs’ mental health is equally likely to be damaged during the crucial early weeks of development.

Four Paws is urging people in Edinburgh not to buy puppies from the boot of a car or a van, and always to arrange to meet the puppy with its parents at the breeder’s home.

The best place to find a dog though is at a reputable rehoming centre, where there are many desperate animals looking for a second chance.

Will Wright, Four Paws

Miliband’s got his Ed in the clouds

May I suggest to Ed Miliband that this nation would not need rebuilding if it hadn’t been for his party.

Labour spent every penny it could get from taxation on its beloved public services and giving unaffordable levels of benefits to its care voter base. When even that failed to provide enough money for yet more spending, it had buildings erected under the PFI private finance initiative which has unravelled in record time and almost forced several NHS bodies into bankruptcy because of obscene costs they incur.

J Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh