Letters: There’s an ill wind blowing for ‘renewables revolution’

West Lothian Council has refused planning permission to Fauch Hill Sustainable Energy for wind turbines situated close to Harperrig Reservoir on the edge of the Pentland Hills.

However, Debbie Chawner chooses to take issue with the News for not reporting polls showing massive community support for the project (Letters, June 26).

Everyone knows that polls can be rigged.

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Ask the question “Do you think that wind farms are good for the environment?” and you will get a resounding “yes”.

Ask the question “Do you think that consumer subsidised wind farms are good for the environment despite the health fears?” and you will get a resounding “no”.

Developers of wind farms have now resorted to promising communities hundreds of thousands of pounds to allow wind turbines in areas and then conducting polls.

Ms Chawner talks about the “renewables revolution”, but she is ignoring the fact that wind subsidies have been cut in numerous European countries and Britain is about to follow suit. Fauch Hill Sustainable Energy is trying to get a last bite of the mouth-watering subsidies before the axe falls.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Are we really better together?

IT was interesting to read about the Scottish Labour MSPs joining up with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to promote the “Better Together” campaign about the independence vote due to take place in 2014.

Here we have the main leaders of political parties in Scotland, Johann Lamont, Willie Rennie and Ruth Davidson spearheaded by Alistair Darling trying to convince the electorate Scotland would be better as part of the UK Union.

We are all aware that Scotland has only one MP who sits in the Westminster Government so do the Conservatives really have a mandate in Scotland?

Are we “Better Together” while the Tories make unfair cuts to welfare reforms, pensions and the health service? Are we “Better Together” when English governments lead us into illegal wars?

We have an English chancellor who has made so many U-turns in his budget since it was announced. George Osborne has also threatened Scotland that should we vote for independence we will not be able to use the pound sterling.

Then again, he may do yet another U-turn on that decision.

At the launch of the “Better Together” campaign we saw around 40 Scots who have little to do with politics support the campaign. Do these handful of people speak for the whole Scottish nation?

Anna Hutchison, Crewe Road West, Edinburgh

Packaging is our hidden shame

THERE was something depressingly predictable in the reporting of the Government’s consultation on a range of environmental proposals, including charging for carrier bags from all shops.

To call the charge a bag “tax” is misleading and colours opinion from the start. Taxes are obligatory, but people don’t need to use disposable bags.

Plastic bags mess up the landscape and damage wildlife and use up non-renewable resources.

Packaging is the hidden shame for Scotland as well as the rest of the UK and plastic bags are just the tip of the rubbish heap.

The consultation gives a statement of good intent and should be seen in the context of a much broader, integrated zero-waste strategy.

Given the inevitable challenges in achieving behavioural change, the Government will no doubt give consideration to the carrots as well as the sticks needed to support the proposals being discussed.

Nathan Goode, Grant Thornton, Edinburgh

Thanks for help after nasty fall

LAST Thursday I was unfortunate enough – at the great age of 88 years – to have a bad fall on crossing Granton Road.

Two workmen dashed to my rescue. They got me on my feet and one of them went off and brought his car and they took me home.

I was in a complete state of shock and they could not have been kinder. I would very much like to thank them.

Mrs White, Netherby Road, Edinburgh