Letters: Shoddy forecasters are to blame for travel gridlock

As MOTORWAYS and major roads were brought to a gridlocked standstill on Monday following a "perfect storm" of snow during the morning rush hour, this begs the obvious question of why the weather forecasting was so poor?

The weather forecast was for "light snow" and it almost beggars belief in this day and age, and with the technology available, meteorologists were not able to predict the appalling weather conditions just a few hours ahead of them occurring.

Had the forecasting been accurate, and people warned not to travel, the issues arising such as people being forced to spend the night in their vehicles in freezing conditions may not have arisen.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace

Army needed to clear up mess

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ON Monday, I contacted my councillor Gordon Munro and advised him of the problems the people of Newhaven are facing trying to get about in hazardous walking conditions.

The village no longer has any convenience stores and residents are now total reliant on the local supermarket Asda on the waterfront, not a considerable distance away but very difficult to get there under the present weather conditions.

Newhaven has a high senior citizen density and many of them have been housebound for over a week.

I make no special case for Newhaven as similar conditions must apply all over the city, but perhaps it's time for the army to come in. It's now out of control and the council obviously cannot cope.

As I write this, councillor Gordon Munro and a colleague who came down to view the situation are now physically clearing the ice from the front of my door step - a wonderful gesture.

Frank Ferri, Newhaven Main Street

We won't forget Lib Dem stance

YESTERDAY we had a round of feverish stories announcing that the Edinburgh West Lib Dem MP was going to do the honourable thing and resign from the government in order to keep his pre-election promise to oppose any increase in student tuition fees.

Sadly it wasn't to be, and Mr Crockart has now issued a denial, apparently confirming his intention to renege on his promise.

Seems that this Lib Dem MP, like many others in his party, will promise anything to anyone to win a few votes while hoping that nobody will notice. Well, we have . . .

Stewart Geddes, Silverknowes Crescent

Retirement site is not a Scots first

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I AM delighted to hear that Scotland's "first" retirement village is being created near Dunbar (News, December 6). You may be interested to learn that there is already a retirement village at Inchmarlo, near Banchory in Aberdeenshire, so Rob Aitken will not be creating the first retirement village in Scotland.

IA Smith, Drum Brae ParkThank you to our charity volunteers

ON behalf of Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, may I take this opportunity to send sincere thanks to all of the many volunteers and supporters in Edinburgh who have contributed to our charity in 2010.

Thanks to advances in treatment, and changes in lifestyle, many more people survive heart attacks and strokes than ever before. During 2010 we were able to help more than 10,000 people through our advice line and patient information, support groups, financial grants, and our range of local services, which we provide throughout Edinburgh.

None of this would be possible without our volunteers. Their work is absolutely vital in our local support groups, charity shops and other activities. We very much appreciate the commitment, enthusiasm and care they bring to the charity and to their local community.

David H Clark, chief executive, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, Rosebery House, Haymarket Terrace