Letters: Our city is gridlocked by tram and roadworks fiasco

What is happening with our city streets? There is a sudden, huge rise in traffic jams inside our city.

Roadworks seem to prevail everywhere and it does not appear that the city council road planners are even getting that right, never mind the tram project. Roadworks and constant traffic jams at Broughton Street, Canonmills, Brandon Terrace, the West End, Market Street and Queen Street, George Street, St Andrew Square, etc. It goes on and on.

I counted 20 buses, nose, to nose along George Street, blocking every junction and all backing up from St Andrew Square. If you planners continue to introduce more city roadworks at the same time as we have to contend with the tram fiasco, then our fair city will just seize up and so will the residents.

Michael Munro-Dunn, Stockbridge.

Take down ugly Princes St poles

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What on Earth have they done to our Princes Street? I could not believe my eyes – they have erected the ugliest beanpoles imaginable, lining our city centre. Have the people responsible for the trams not done enough damage? How dare they destroy our jewel in the crown, once the envy of the world. Not any more, by erecting these vulgar monstrosities they have destroyed the picture-postcard beauty of our capital city. Shame on those responsible for this catastrophy!

Sylvia M De Luca, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Beach charge is not a big deal

A FEW years ago myself, my wife and my son, who were both disabled, went down to Gullane beach. There was an attendant on duty who informed us that it was £1 to park, but as we were disabled there was no charge.

However, I would have paid the charge willingly knowing that I was close to the beach and could get the wheelchair there. I don’t know why your paper is against charging, which works out at 25 pence per hour.

James Reid, Third Street, Newtongrange.

Paying price for Labour’s errors

ED MILIBAND says he’s sorry that Labour got it wrong on immigration. As apologies go it rings pretty hollow.

He was in the Labour Government when the sheer scale of Labour’s influx overwhelmed our public services. Labour abandoned controls in favour of a free for all that changed Britain forever.

Labour not only ruined our economy, they ruined our country, and we are all paying the price. Remember their slogan ‘No more boom and bust’? It’s got a hollow ring today.

J Hill, Stenhouse Avenue, Edinburgh.

Better off with no independence

Where is the evidence to show that Scotland needs to be independent from the rest of the UK? Scotland is a country that has grown up as a nation that has provided for the world the very best in medicine, technology, education and many spheres of human discovery. The SNP’s single-minded agenda for political independence has nothing to do with human independence. Scotland is a real democracy within the UK.

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marishcal Road, Edinburgh

Smoking hospital staff a disgrace

On a recent vist to Simpsons at the ERI, I was shocked to witness several uniformed non-medical staff, huddled together smoking near the entrance, right under a sign that said No Smoking!

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Not only did expectant mothers have to pass through their clouds of smoke to enter the building, but also the staff were setting a bad example smoking where people are asked not to.

The ERI has a problem with people smoking in non-designated areas near the building and this kind of situation cannot be helping. There was a designated smoking area only yards from where the smoking staff were, but for some reason they couldn’t bring themselves to go the extra distance.

Christina Bell, Newington