Letters: Nature strikes back in climate change battle

I was sad that the Icelandic volcano (your report 17 April) ruined my holiday to Paris.

But the one, big bonus of all this, is that all these "save the planet" people have had their knuckles rapped by Mother Nature. She has told them in no uncertain terms (with emissions that make an airplane's a drop in the ocean): "I am the boss, not you."

Of course, it is our duty to try not to pollute the environment and it is incumbent upon us to try to leave the world a better place for future generations, but I have never bought this nonsense that global warming is largely man-made.

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Since time began, the world has undergone all sorts of temperature fluctuations. Greenland was once green: Hannibal led his elephants over the Alps because the snow and ice were in retreat in that period.

I regard most of the current worldwide "carbon footprint" legislation as an attempt by politicians to tax us more (to pay for their unnecessary airline jaunts to unnecessary summit meetings in five-star hotels, when video conferencing would suffice), and, above all, wanting to control us more.

So, a big "thank you" to Mother Nature for putting these career politician con-merchants in their place.

I am reminded of a time just before the millennium, when a couple of friends who ran a musical instruments business paid serious money to go to a seminar on the subject of Y2K.

I warned them that these "Y2K peddlers" were charlatans, that no planes were going to fall out of the sky at the midnight hour when the new millennium dawned, but they were taken in.

DAVID "DAI" WOOSNAM, Scartho, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

If but one lesson can be learnt from the latest volcanic eruption in Iceland, it must surely be that the idea promulgated by many in respect of global warming, of humans being able to regulate planetary temperature by, for example, two degrees Fahrenheit – by means of wind turbines and climate change bills – is little more than arrogant nonsense.

The planet, as it always has in the past, will continue to be regulated through both external and internal forces, of which human activity is but a fraction, and if species, including humans, are wiped out in the process, so be it. To ignore such a fact is to ignore the forces of evolution.

NEIL McKINNON, Tulchan Garden, Glenalmond, Perth

The Icelandic volcano is causing problems for travellers and world economies. There could be a long-term affect on global weather patterns since the ash will reflect the sun's rays and lead to a cooling of the global climate.

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As if this is not bad enough, researchers from the University of Reading have said that the unusually cold winter might be linked to low solar activity. A few more volcanic eruptions and low solar activity and we are heading for another ice age.

This is serious enough, but let us not forget the anguish that climate change zealots are experiencing. The poor dears must be frantic after telling us to cut emissions and the volcanos spoil not only the party but also their credibility.

We need a Plan B where we all turn up the central heating, drive to see distant friends, ban vegetarians and, of course, breed more cattle.

CLARK CROSS, Springfield Road, Linlithgow, West Lothian

The volcanic dust closes the airports and grounds the aircraft throughout most of Europe with no confirmed sign of any improvement, which proves beyond doubt that Mother Nature is in complete control, rather than the trade union leaders and politicians who think they are.

JOHN McDONALD, Rosebery Court, Kirkcaldy, Fife