Letters: Lib Dems had no place at school they would not save

MY SON has had a fantastic education attending Drumbrae Primary School which closes in the summer, and he is very apprehensive about changing schools to East Craigs.

In the Drumbrae and Clermiston area we held our gala last week which was for the four primary schools in the cluster including Drumbrae.

The gala chairperson told the local Lib Dems and SNP councillors they were not required to open the gala but couldn't stop them from attending as members of the public.

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This was for the way the councillors treated everyone at Drumbrae Primary School and not supporting us.

When the gala day came we had "The Lib Dem Four" comprising councillors Jenny Dawe and Robert Aldridge together with Margaret Smith MSP and Michael Crockart MP show up.

This was so shallow and brass-necked after the two councillors had voted to close the school, and then showed face at the last official role for Drumbrae!

What's next in the diary for "The Lib Dem Four"? Maybe a cheese and wine party held in the Lib Dem party office 100 metres away from Drumbrae Primary School on the date the demolishers move into Drumbrae?

Graham Wilson, Drumbrae Drive, Edinburgh

MP should grow up and do his job

WHEN SNP councillor Stefan Tymcewcyz was elected to both Holyrood and the City Chambers in 2007 he waived his council salary. I didn't vote for his lot, but thought he had taken the sensible option.

But now in Edinburgh South we have new MP Ian Murray making a pointless gesture of vowing to give his wages for being a councillor to charity because he does not trust the current Lib Dem/SNO administration with the money (News, 3 June).

Labour were lucky to be returned at Edinburgh South after the antics of Ian Murray's predecessor, Nigel Griffiths.

His successor should thank his lucky stars the voters have afforded him a great opportunity.

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Please, Ian, grow up and demonstrate you are worthy of this responsible position.

K Connor, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Tourists come with so much baggage

WHY do some people need so much luggage when they go on holiday for a short stay? Over the years I have noticed that some people coming to our city are coming with more baggage than they can carry. It reminded me of the days when the wealthy needed a whole string of porters to carry the baggage of tourists in the old days – and they were normally just for the very rich or on a long expedition.

Could this be the start of a new career for some of those who are finding work hard to get by offering their services as porters?

Andrew Murphy, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Let's hope Cable will keep his word

I WRITE in response to Vince Cable's call to put pressure on the banks to lend to small businesses.

In better times, smaller enterprises can run on lean costs and low margins but the credit crunch has forced many firms to live off their savings, which have quickly been swallowed up. The recessionary period has led to the tap of financing for businesses being virtually turned off.

Although the Government has placed pressure on the banks to lend more to small businesses, these funds are still not trickling through despite banks' claims to the contrary.

Vince Cable said one of the most important things to support economic recovery was lending to small and medium-sized businesses and that he would pressure banks into meeting lending targets.

The recession has officially been over for months now. However, many small businesses are still not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel as is demonstrated by Bank of England figures showing a continued decline in funding.

They will be hoping Mr Cable remains true to his word.

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Ian Fraser, Associate, Business Resources, Pagan Osborne, Queen Street, Edinburgh