Letters: Cut our losses in Afghanistan

It seems that the main political parties have elected to ignore the war in Afghanistan in their manifestos, when not a week goes by without some news of UK troops being killed or injured there.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, when challenged on the war, insists that the forces get all the equipment they require, but this opinion is not shared by some senior officers, who are openly critical of shortages in personal equipment, armoured vehicles and helicopters.

If the political debate is focused on the economy and the reduction in government spending, then surely an early withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan should take priority as it is costing millions of pounds that we simply do not have.

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We can never win the war in Afghanistan and now the Afghanistan government and people are clearly against the Nato invasion when they see the results of indiscriminate air strikes, while corruption is out of control. It is surely time to pull all troops out of Afghanistan, leaving them to sort out their own affairs.

DENNIS GRATTAN, Mugiemoss Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen