Letters: Calculation in giving youngsters a vote

It seems as if the some of the issues surrounding the ­referendum on independence are soon to be ratified. Apparently there will, quite sensibly, be one question, but of more concern it seems that 16-year-olds will be allowed to vote on the matter.

Does this mean that, should independence actually occur, they will also be allowed to drive cars, purchase alcohol and vote in any subsequent election?

Somehow I doubt it, because this is a one-off event, cynically designed to produce a specific outcome. The usual red herrings of being able to join the army at 16 and get married are irrelevant in this matter and only partly correct, because, like it or not, for the most part those of 16 years of age simply do not have the life experience and foresight to vote on such a far-reaching and vital issue that will affect every single aspect of Scottish life.

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To pretend they do is hypocrisy of the worst self-serving sort.

There is no doubt that the SNP government will relentlessly bombard this impressionable age demographic with carefully worded and emotive propaganda and rely on their inexperience and enthusiasm to override common sense.

Sadly, in its dogmatic and ideologically driven blind rush for independence the government will employ every psychological trick in the book and sideline the issues that really matter post-independence, such as the economy, the health service, education, provision for the disadvantaged and, of course, universal benefits.

One can only hope that the youth of Scotland realise that they are being deliberately manipulated and react accordingly.

Brian Allan

Keith Street


Following the referendum agreement with Westminster, it is now possible that our future will be decided by children and by a majority of one and a turnout of well under 50 per cent of the ­electorate. And there I was hoping that I lived in a sensible democracy.

Tim Flinn


East Lothian

It seems that Alex Salmond is grasping at straws in 
looking for support from 16 and 17-year-old Scottish
voters to try and avoid an embarrassing but predictable referendum result in 2014.

Dennis Grattan

Mugiemoss Road