Letters: Bridge is a blow to dreams of schools and hospitals

I WRITE regarding the Scottish Government's commitment to publicly fund the proposed additional Forth road bridge.

The plain fact is – and it's never been disputed – that year on year for almost the rest of this decade spending on the new bridge will amount to almost three-quarters of the total public capital funds available for health facilities across the whole of Scotland.

Politics is about making tough decisions. Our MSPs have this week made the tough decision that a bridge that most likely won't be needed is more important than a much sought after new hospital for our sick kids.

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At least doctors seek a second opinion before doing anything drastic. Would that our MSPs had followed their example.

Hopefully the request that I and others have made to the Auditor General for Scotland (Evening News, December 16) that he investigate the background to this sorry saga and the alternatives available to maintain a road crossing over the Forth will be received favourably.

This would begin to give hope once again to the many communities across the land who are beginning slowly to wake up to the fact that their dreams of better schools, hospitals, transport links and an affordable home over their heads have been dealt a huge blow by the 108-3 decision of our parliamentary representatives at Holyrood this week to press on and sign contracts for the new bridge next April – just before the elections.

Lawrence Marshall, Chair, ForthRight Alliance, Rose Street, Edinburgh

Tram line should complement bus

ON the face of it, it seems an excellent decision NOT to force Lothian Buses to become part of Transport Edinburgh Ltd.

I am a member of the South West Neighbourhood's Transport Group. It was felt by many members that the current bus services within the South West of Edinburgh could be seriously jeopardised if this merger went ahead, as after spending at least half a billion pounds on the trams, they would be forced to succeed, no matter what the cost to other bus routes.

Given the very, very limited access to the trams for public transport users of South West Edinburgh, this was always a worry.

It has always been the case that the half-a-tram line that will be eventually delivered should complement Lothian Buses' services, not threaten them.

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Keith J Bell, Secretary, Sighthill, Broomhouse and Parkhead Community Council, member of South West Transport Group

Cheaper ways to travel by train

SIOBHAN McNulty can travel a lot cheaper on the new Blackridge-Edinburgh train service than with the 10.90 any time return she quoted (Interactive, December 13).

A weekly season at 43.60 during December gives a 20 per cent saving. The saving rises to 30 per cent with an annual season.

And customers bound for Christmas shopping can go off peak – or any time at weekends – from Blackridge to Edinburgh and back for just 8.20, with children travelling free.

John Yellowlees, First Scotrail, Waterloo Street, Glasgow

Warming 'scam' costing millions

WHY are politicians and the green zealots getting all hot and bothered about Global Warming that they claim is man-made?

Naturally occurring CO2 is mainly released by our oceans, which cover 70 per cent of the Earth's surface. We can do nothing about this.

The undisputed facts are that the CO2 from nature is 98 per cent and from humans 2 per cent.

As you will realise the UK's share of human CO2 is minimal.

So why are the public and businesses being hit with escalating energy bills that have been artificially inflated to pay for renewables and the new carbon tax?

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The cost of this scam to the energy consumer is 20 billion every year.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow