Letters: Bill Jamieson is on the money

Bill Jamieson is on a crusade, a fact highlighted in recent articles in The Scotsman and sister paper Scotland on Sunday. The tone of these articles, the criticism levelled and the remedies suggested are absolutely on the mark.

More power to his elbow.

He rightly condemned the continuing payment of bonuses to bankers when shareholders in these taxpayer owned banks go without dividends. Now, (Opinion, 16 April), he highlights the absolute requirement for further investigation into who knew what prior to the collapse of Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS.

Oh, that the politicians were of a like mind. They talk, mostly in unspecific terms, of future controls on the banks, seemingly oblivious to the enormity of the incompetence or worse of the directors and executives of these banks. Meanwhile, these same individuals not only walk away unscathed but they also take with them huge pension pots and golden goodbyes.

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I hope that Bill Jamieson continues to hammer home the message that "business as usual" is not an option and that so many unresolved matters must be addressed.

JOHN H ELLIOT, Lees Mill Drive, Coldstream, Berwickshire