Letter: Zoo boss must go

AS MEMBERS of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) who attended last Thursday's EGM (along with well over 400 others), we are astounded to read (your report, 14 May) that Donald Emslie says he will continue as chair of the RZSS board and remain in charge of the zoo's affairs.

He is trotting out the same arguments and self-justification that completely failed to impress hundreds of society members at the meeting. The vote of no confidence in him was absolutely overwhelming.

Nor was the argument simply about the handling of recent anonymous allegations and the long inquiries into those, which have obviously been difficult matters; it was much more than that. The almost total lack of internal communication, the lack of leadership, lack of direction and strategy for the zoo over a much longer period were also important factors in the debate and the vote. Witness the highly critical statements made to the meeting by former chairmen, former council/board members, former members of the zoo staff - those currently on the staff were barred by Mr Emslie from the meeting - and many others who have become very concerned.

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Does Mr Emslie not see that his continued chairmanship is only going to add yet another layer of unhelpful clamour and poor publicity for the RZSS and the zoo and do absolutely nothing to raise staff morale, almost universally seen as at an all-time low?

Haven't we, and they, had enough? Overwhelmingly, the members have rejected his "leadership". He must go.


Newbattle Terrace