Letter: Time to reflect

Your choice to run the edited letter from Major Ritchie in parallel with your Legion coverage of Remembrance (9 November) is a classic example of a country rapidly loosing its greatness.

Here we are in the middle of trying to reflect on the futility of war and to reflect upon those whose business it was to do the bidding of politicians and who never came back (my uncle, a Cameronian, included) and we have a facile attempt to pick on a man who, through no fault of his own, at the end of a distinguished career, happened to be the senior officer tasked with addressing a very unsavoury duty.

We are all proud of our regiments but cuts happen as they have in the past; they are upon us now and will continue in the future. For goodness sake, let us all try and focus on what is important and not let petty in-fighting ruin the reputation of our soldiers, who are the very backbone of our communities, that put the great in Great Britain.

Peter Minshall

By Tarbert