Letter: Time to leave Neil Lennon alone

I HAVE read Tom English's articles for the past few weeks and I cannot sit here any longer and not say anything. Tom English's articles have been negative towards Neil Lennon since the day of his appointment.

Sunday was the final straw. English claimed that Lennon hadn't been "mature enough to return McDonald's phone call" (Sport, 21 November). Now, English supposes he knows the facts with such a statement, he gives very little thought to whether Lennon even has McDonald's number. If someone called my home I would not have a record of the number they called from. All that English can assume is that McDonald left his number in the message. Perhaps he didn't.

Such an issue is beside the point anyhow, as my real complaint lies in an article written for 31 October, in which he labels Neil Lennon an "altar boy". The sentence states: "The memory of those words rather makes you question his altar-boy routine of the past week." Had such a statement been uttered by a manager or a fan of another club, there would have been a public outcry, shouts of "bigot" would have been heard. I would appreciate it greatly if you could help restrain Tom English's comments, they do him no justice as he is very fine journalist. Please lay off the unnecessary flack that Neil Lennon receives.

Benjamin Kerr, Bridge of Allan