Letter: Time to change

The reform process of the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) will begin shortly with the election of a small group of trustees to carry the organisation forward. As someone who would like my young children to enjoy what the NTS has to offer, I have put myself forward for selection as a trustee.

The review by George Reid highlighted the good work the NTS is doing with education initiatives and produced proposals to revitalise the organisation. With trust membership static, it is time for some innovative ideas.

The NTS could do more to attract families with more interactive exhibits, family-orientated grounds, events targeted at families and children's menus in cafs. Increased access and enjoyment by children is fundamental and will encourage these future members to visit NTS properties.

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Many NTS membership groups feel that reports come and go without much actual change taking place. Let us not miss this latest opportunity.

Gregor Ewing

Comely Park Terrace