Letter: Theatrical cash

Jennifer Dempsie asks why the National Theatre of Scotland's (NTS) production of Black Watch did "not reach its touring or profit potential" (Comment, 10 November) and suggests that "at present there is a lack of commercial incentivisation, because the National Theatre has to return any profit or surplus to the government every year".

But had the NTS board been seriously interested in theatre or sponsorship it is hard to understand why it removed Scotland's top fundraiser, who was perhaps a little bit too knowledgeable about Scotland, Scottish theatre - and theatrical fundraising.

NTS also let the British Council handle some of the overseas promotion of a show that was produced in Scotland and which received additional sponsorship from the SNP government as soon as it took power.

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Jennifer Dempsie is right that Creative Scotland can and should be much bolder and more innovative. But repatriation of 10 per cent of British Council's millions could help them do that.

Neil Robertson

Glamis Terrace