Letter: Sporting chance

Creation of a specific new Commonwealth Games and Sport ministerial portfolio in the Scottish Government (your report, 21 May) is welcome.

This dedicated brief should be accompanied by a meaningful budget allocated to investment in sport, at all levels. Equally, the requirements of sport should not become diluted by various "cross-cutting" health, social and economic agendas surrounding the blurred boundaries between sport and simple physical activity.

Moves to revitalise the Scottish sporting landscape must be reflected in a clear, credible and comprehensive national strategy and delivery plan - acting as a beacon of guidance and encouragement for the creation of a successful, sporting, physically active, healthier and confident nation.

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Among many competing priorities in these fiscally troubled times, Scotland lacks a proper sport strategy, which is truly fit for purpose, with a full range of measurable, quantifiable targets for investment, participation and performance going forward.

Ron Sutherland

Millwell Park

Innerleithen, Peeblesshire