Letter: Snare defence

The SNP's anti-snaring campaigner George Leslie is wrong when he describes snares as indiscriminate and cruel (Letters, 4 December).

On the contrary, not only are gamekeepers skilled at targeting the location of foxes but modern snares are simply holding devices: they do not choke or cause suffering to an animal. If a non-target species is inadvertently caught it can be released without harm during regular inspections of snares. As wildlife managers we recognise there will always be some people who are resistant to fox control, but it's essential to stick to the facts.

Snares are simply the most humane, effective tool used by gamekeepers, farmers and the national parks for dealing with an indiscriminate predator which kills lambs and poultry and can devastate populations of rare waders or game birds. Without them our countryside would be a far bleaker place.

Alex Hogg

Scottish Gamekeepers Association

Arran Road


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