Letter: Scots tax powers

Lord Wallace is obviously unaware that the tax varying powers contained in the Scotland Bill, if implemented, are more likely to do exactly the opposite of what the purpose of the Calman Commission was, namely, block the rise in support for the SNP by giving Scotland a few minor concessions (your report, 16 December).

It is also obvious that he and other members of opposition parties have not read the devastating criticism of these proposed tax powers by the respected independent economist Margaret Cuthbert in her paper, Flawed Scotland Bill Tax Proposals - A Trap for Labour.

In her paper she shows that no matter which option a future Scottish Government were to take based on these tax powers, either increasing, decreasing or even restoring the full 10 pence tax rate, the Scottish economy would not benefit and could even suffer drastically.

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On top of this we are to have the privilege of paying 45 million to implement this tax system and another 4.2m each year to maintain it.

Hopefully the Scottish Parliament will say "no thanks"

Bill Robertson

Old Greenock Road

Bishopton, Renfrewshire