Letter: Say yes to nuclear

The pragmatic acceptance of "independence lite" by the SNP is welcome. Similarly, it had the wisdom to realise it would be irrational to reintroduce trams to Edinburgh but was unable to block the scheme in parliament. So why does the SNP still promote 100 per cent renewable energy, with its gross inefficiency, huge costs and environmental damage? Surely pragmatism should remove its opposition to nuclear power.



Peterculter, Aberdeen

research shows claimed CO2 emission cuts by developed countries since 1990 have been cancelled out many times over by the CO2 on imported goods from developing countries such as China. Developed countries claim to have cut emissions by 2 per cent, but once imports are factored in, there is a 7 per cent increase. Holland has recognised the fallacy of CO2 reductions and withdrawn from the Kyoto protocol, saying it cannot afford the economic costs. Britain must do the same.


Springfield Road