Letter: Question of faith

Stephen McGinty (Perspective, 11 December) was right: in the Christmas season we would do well to focus on the central theme of incarnation rather than peripheral narrative elements. However, Mr McGinty's summery of this theme, "above us all is a benevolent force who sent a messenger to guide us", was inadequate.

Firstly, The Living God is not an amorphous force but a personal being. Secondly, Jesus did not come just as a "messenger", but as a saviour, extending an invitation into God's family and eternal life.

As for this rendering Christianity "virtually unbelievable", anyone who believes God to be unlovingly aloof from human affairs and indifferent to us as individuals (a "force" perhaps) may well find it hard to swallow that He would come to earth for our sakes. But the historical evidence is convincing, Jesus's own teaching is very clear, and hundreds of millions of Christians can testify to the transforming power of a relationship with God through Jesus.

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Colinton, Edinburgh