Letter: Ploughing on

IT MAY merely be coincidence of course, but it does seem with the arrival on the scene of the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill in 2008, and with ever-greater number of wind turbines appearing on the hills, that this nation's weather, instead of improving has become increasingly worse.

With plummeting temperatures and the country blanketed in snow and ice, we are experiencing winter weather not seen for nigh on 50 years. Barbeque summers have also failed to materialise and even the growing of vines for wine production on the banks of Loch Tay in the hope of benefiting from the suggested effects of global warming has faltered.

With even more wind turbines planned, and the recently approved Beauly to Denny overhead transmission line yet to be constructed, while Poseidon is being increasingly challenged by wave and tidal contraptions, maybe it is time - before the climate, the people of Scotland and even the gods, respond with even greater fury - that the SNP Scottish Government have a re think. Perhaps a start could be made by beating wind turbines and mega pylons into something of worth such as snow ploughs and shovels, and adapting and dealing with conditions as they find them, rather than involving themselves any further with all the hocus pocus that now surrounds the whole business of anthropic climate change.


Tulchan Garden

Glenalmond, Perth