Letter: Parochial BBC

Alexander McKay's anti-SNP paranoia (Letters, 4 November) blinds him to logic and reason and, like BBC London, he just doesn't get Scotland.

Anyone who has ever applied to attend Question Time in Scotland can testify that they are extensively grilled as to their political allegiances and once past that hurdle, upon attending, are offered a list of suggested questions to choose from.

These rarely include any Scottish issues and if you suggest any they are ruled out by BBC staff as they "don't apply to the UK" yet parochial issues pertaining to London or other parts of England are regularly aired on our screens.

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This is not paranoia but has everything to do with the "national" broadcasting democratic deficit that apples to the Scottish body politic and unfairly discriminates against all indigenous Scottish political parties.

Just imagine the situation if newspapers like The Scotsman did not exist north of the Border.

Janice Thompson

Walter Scott Avenue