Letter: Out of Eur mind

THE missing logical link of Scottish nationalism will not go away. How can the SNP advocate the break-up of the very successful union that is the United Kingdom and propose instead that Scotland joins the European Union?

How will Alex Salmond answer the job-supplying, taxpaying business community in Scotland should they agree with David Cameron’s position that a treaty veto was necessary. And if Scotland was broken off and somehow got a seat at the top EU table, would he, the supposed champion of “independence”, gaily sign up and send his annual budgets to Brussels for approval? Where would the longed-for “independence” be then? Would that not reveal what many have long thought – that the SNP’s “independence’’ was merely a cover for what is fundamentally Anglophobia?

The questions will not go away. Alex Salmond is a past master at obscurantism, but the day is fast approaching when he cannot get away any more with being all things to all people.

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Alexander McKay, Edinburgh