Letter: Oppressive beliefs

Gerry Hassan has illustrated the two varieties of anti-Catholicism found in Scotland today (Comment, 27 November).

The first is the fading tribal sectarian Old Firm variety, which Mr Hassan rightly dismisses along with its Protestant counterpart. The second is the increasing hatred (I do not use this word lightly) of the Catholic Church that is aroused by its refusal to endorse some immoral elements of widely held contemporary opinion.

Gerry Hassan's description of Catholics as "the oppressed who have now become oppressors" is inflammatory and ridiculous, and deeply ironic from a man who then writes that he wishes "the hot heads to turn the volume down".

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Some people, particularly homosexual campaigners, seem to assume that anyone daring to describe their activities as immoral is "oppressing", "persecuting" or "hating" them. This demonisation of dissent fuels the increasing intolerance that Christians are experiencing.

I drink alcohol. Muslims believe this is immoral. That's fine. I think that they are wrong, but I don't see myself as a victim of Islamic "oppression". Why can't other people adopt the same attitude?

Richard Lucas