Letter: Net result for Scottish business

I WAS encouraged to read about the social network Kiltr receiving support to build its global social network ("Social network Kiltr handed £1m to target Scots around the globe", Business, 7 November). This will hopefully impact positively on the Scottish economy.

We are a nation of innovators and often use social media in our personal lives, however I have yet to see social media being fully harnessed in Scotland as a business tool. As a geographically remote country, surely tools like this that level the global playing field are gold dust and should be fully embraced?

Social media is a great way of communicating and building networks, but it can also be used to undertake research among potential customers, gain customer feedback quickly and tap into knowledge around the globe. All of this can be done very cost effectively and easily and is available to businesses of all sizes.

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With such substantial investment, it will be interesting to observe the proportion of Kiltr members in Scotland over time.

Richard Moir, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Scotland