Letter: MPs must set an example with their pensions

Public sector pensions and conditions cannot be changed while MPs' pensions cost taxpayers unlimited fortunes (your reports). MPs must demand, immediately, a change to a contributions-based scheme.

For every 1 million pension MPs enjoy, MPs pay less than 100,000 net, while poor honest taxpayers pay more than 900,000.

Because former prime minister Gordon Brown applied mechanisms to private pensions which were applied to millions of conscientious, hard-working taxpayers, MPs should wish to be rewarded by implementing the same prudent example set by the former prime minister and agreed by MPs.

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So, ethically MPs should demand that they enjoy the benefits of a defined contributions pension scheme transferring from their present pension system. Unless of course MPs are simply applying the first law of parliament "award ourselves outrageous guaranteed, unbelievably generous guaranteed index linked pensions and ensure they are almost totally paid by conscientious taxpayers whose pensions we have devalued"?

Remember MPs cheered when pensions for pensioners were increased by 75p a week, while union leaders remained silent on pensions for their retired members. So, MPs should set an example and demand contributions-based pensions for themselves.


Kirkdene Place


I DON'T know who Danny Alexander is employing as his advisers but if I were him, I would be looking to employ new ones.

In the middle of serious negotiations on the future of public sector pensions up pops Mr Alexander and decides that negotiation is no longer an option and he will just impose instead.

His intervention showed great immaturity and it is clear to me he is out of his depth. If he believes that firefighters, nurses, police officers, teachers, prison officers etc are just going to lie down and accept the changes he wants then he is living in a fantasy world.

It is a dangerous game he has decided to play and the stakes to millions of us could not be higher, so I would suggest he keeps his mouth shut and gets on with real negotiations in the future.



Central Scotland Fire Brigade Union

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