Letter: Moral question

The other day I noticed a report that President Barack Obama had claimed the moral leadership of the world for the United States and the United Kingdom.

This seems a bit rich coming from the president of a country that has propped up dictators worldwide for decades; a country which has invaded other countries and sent in a goon squad to a sovereign state to seize, or murder someone, and it seems is quite prepared to do the same again

This is a country which has imprisoned people without trial for years, this is a country which uses torture and when that torture becomes embarrassing arranges what are euphemistically called rendition flights.

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To move on to the US's little chum, Britain has assisted in the American neo-colonial invasions, it has connived in the rendition flights and has been known worldwide as Perfidious Albion.

Moral leadership? What a hoot.


Station Road

Gifford, East Lothian