Letter: Lib Dem shame

The book on the coalition negotiations by former Tory whip Rob Wilson shows that the Lib Dems accepted two months before the election that they would have to scrap their pledge to abolish tuition fees south of the Border.

Therefore, the public posturing by Nick Clegg during the election campaign was duplicitous, to say the least. In accepting the Tory coalition a more fundamental pledge was dropped: opposition to increasing VAT - a regressive tax which disproportionately reduces the disposable income of the low paid in society.

The prospect of modest rises in tax thresholds, while welcome as a step in simplifying the system, sadly will be more than offset by the increase in VAT.

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Any suggestion that both Tories and Lib Dems did not know of the state of the British economy must be contested.

We now hear Nick Clegg stating that when he signed the pledge in relation to not increasing university fees he did so because he was unaware of the financial crisis that the country faces. Yet MPs shadowed ministers and had access to detailed financial information.

We would urge those who rightly feel betrayed and deliberately mislead by the Lib Dem leadership to consider joining the Liberal Party. We have every intention of offering a clear and genuine Liberal alternative.

John Hein

Liberal Party in Scotland

Montgomery Street