Letter: A leader with lack of direction

AS A Scottish Conservative I am saddened and disappointed by the lack of imagination and leadership being shown by Ruth Davidson at this important time in Scottish politics.

Since the start of the independence referendum debate there has been much public discussion on the way ahead and what enhanced political powers are needed or not needed. These contributions have been good for democracy but are only the start of an exciting journey.

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Despite David Cameron’s rebuff when he last visited Scotland, Ruth Davidson is still in awe of everything the Prime Minister is doing. She even suggests that she can deliver greater freedom for Scotland if we adopt the Liberal/Conservative NHS, education and other public service reforms planned for England. Rolling back the state sounds fine but in reality will lead us up a blind alley and end in tears. Cheapest is not always the best and governments need to invest in good public services.

Ruth Davidson leaves many Scottish Conservatives cold by her apparent lack of political awareness and realities of what is going on in Scottish politics. If she is not prepared to change she may have to consider looking for a safe Conservative seat in England in 2015.

Paul Leslie, Scone, Perth