Letter: Lack of schooling

The issue of student fees (your reports) focuses attention on the 50 per cent of school-leavers who go on to higher education.

They have already benefited from an education system geared to university entry and once there they benefit from the provision of extensive resources which provide a structured environment in which they can make the transition from school pupil to mature adult.

In contrast, the other 50 per cent not only endure a school system that does nothing for them but they also have no other support after school than is offered by job centres and further education colleges.

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An argument in favour of the imposition of fees on university students is it would go some way to balance this disparity of treatment, but of course by itself that would not help the other half.

Instead of seeking ways to continue funding the privileges of the university half the Scottish Government might do more for the economic and social wellbeing of the country if it developed a parallel education system that served the non-academic half and if it devoted more resources to support their transition from school to adulthood.


Relugas Road