Letter: The indefensible

No-one is fooled by a scenario in which the remaining military bases in Scotland are leased out to the UK (your article, 17 May) following a vote for independence.

One disagreement over troop deployment which runs counter to the Nationalists' skewed view of the world and there would be instant problems.

Equally, the British Army (and include here the Royal Navy and RAF) would not accept another (foreign) country having any measure of control over which regiments/ships/planes could be used where.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive


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ONE of the reasons I vote SNP is my horror at the behaviour of the British Government, including its centuries' old propensity for going to war. Its defence policies seem to me remarkably offensive.

Sharing defence facilities with Westminster could embroil us in the pseudo-imperialist warfare that I loathe. Alex Salmond has made it clear that he also abhors such wars and I trust he will see to it that his softly-softly approach to Independence will allow us to escape these evils.

John Kelly

Park Avenue