Letter: Hub centre is at heart of Glentress

SHAME on the Forestry Commission. I and my whole family are dismayed and devastated at the news that they have dumped The Hub out of the tendering process for the new Peel Centre at Glentress (News, 5 December).

I don't know one rider who does not hold The Hub - and by that I mean its dedicated team of staff and two pioneering owners Emma Guy and Tracey Brunger - in great affection and as an integral part of the whole vibe at Glentress. Nowhere else have we ridden and felt the same passion and commitment to a place as we have there. The Forestry Commission has completely missed the point of the place.

A glitzy new centre and facilities without The Hub at its centre will be a significant step backwards and one which may be doomed to failure. As someone posted on Facebook, "the very heart and soul has been ripped out of Glentress". If it wasn't for Emma and Tracey then Glentress would not be the success it is today. For this they should be thanked, not shown the door so that the Forestry Commission can pat each other on the back and claim the glory.

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I feel sorry for whoever gets the tender because, through no fault of their own, I can easily see it being boycotted to the point of failure.

Drew Graham and family, via e-mail