Letter: Heroic battle with Brussels

GERALD Warner's excellent article "First skirmishes in battle to reassert nation's freedoms" (Insight, 14 November) strikes at the roots of what has befallen this once great nation under years of socialist mismanagement and which has encouraged and abetted dependency on the welfare state.

Politicians of all persuasions have sold their souls to the Godless European Union and are hell bent on bringing into being a political union, and by this treachery have handed over all aspects of our lives to our new masters in Brussels.

Rich pickings are there for politicians either at Westminster or in the Scottish Parliament who follow a European politically correct agenda that is NOT in the interest of the British people.

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It is wrong to say that these scumbags at Westminster or Edinburgh have the confidence or support of the vast majority of the electorate, and the public view them as opportunists eager to line their own pockets at the expense of the hardworking taxpayer.

On Sunday, in common with millions all over Europe, I prayed for the eternal repose of the souls of our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives in two world wars and recent conflicts in the sincere belief that they were making the supreme sacrifice to defend their homelands and Christian civilisation.

Evelyn Pelosi, Edinburgh