Letter: Heated debate

The cold weather continues and pundits say it will continue until March. Last year the wind turbines hardly turned and it will be similar this year.

The Neta website shows that at present wind is only contributing 0.3 per cent of the UK electricity demand. Every day for the past 12 days the interconnector from France has been pushing French electricity into our grid at a high tariff.

The French produce over 75 per cent of their electricity from nuclear energy. How does the anti-nuclear lobby feel about receiving this "tainted" energy?

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The Scottish Government insist that they can "save the planet" without replacing our aged nuclear stations. A report says that to meet UK renewable targets we need another 20,000 wind turbines at a cost of 30 billion a year for 20 years. We cannot afford this for a failed and egotistical experiment.


Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian