Letter: Gallowaygate

First we had infuriating “fuelgate”, then we had the farcical “pastygate”, now it appears as if have the extremely worrying “Gallowaygate”, with the return of the ultimate loose cannon, George Galloway, to parliament.

This, if nothing else, should sound a very loud and clear warning to the established political parties, especially Labour, when Galloway polled 10,000 votes more than his Labour rival Imran Hussein in the Bradford West by-election.

The Conservative vote dipped by more than 22 per cent, which must send shivers down David Cameron’s back should that result be repeated nationwide

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Is the coalition government so insulated and complacent that it cannot gauge the public mood of anger and frustration?

One can only hope that this was only a knee-jerk reaction to the austerity measures currently in place rather than the first signs of a much deeper discontent among the public.

We cannot afford or tolerate any more of the arson, riots and looting that broke out in the inner cities last year.

Brian Allan

Keith Street


Alloa, Clackmannanshire