Letter: Gaelic challenge

IT IS welcome news that Edinburgh is at last considering proposals for a dedicated Gaelic school (Perspective, 13 December).

But why has the city taken so long to get to this point? Glasgow established the highly successful Sgoil Ghidhlig Ghlaschu well over a decade ago. It has gone from strength to strength and now provides an integrated campus for nursery, primary and secondary education in Gaelic. Where is Edinburgh's vision and commitment to Gaelic education? While Glasgow has been setting standards and implementing international best practice, Edinburgh appears to have been moving the goalposts every time real progress looked possible. There is the claim that "Glasgow's miles better" has always rankled with Edinburgh's political leaders, but in the field of Gaelic education Glasgow has been setting the pace.

For the sake of both Gaelic and the reputation of the capital, I sincerely hope that Edinburgh councillors can now rise to the challenge.


Iomairt Ghidhlig Dhn ideann, (Edinburgh Gaelic Initiative)