Letter: Don't push citizens too far, Mr Cameron

So, our apparently sincere and concerned Prime Minister, David Cameron, warns us of hard times ahead (your report, 30 December). I assume that he speaks in relative terms since we seem to have experienced nothing but for some time now.

While Mr Cameron et al struggle to survive in their handsomely paid government posts, the people in the real world just have to get on with it, especially the old and sick, who, in many cases can see no end to these "hard times". Does the Prime Minister really think his warning of even harder times to follow are going to produce some miraculous wave of contentment and satisfaction with our lot?

Who can forget the cry of "We're all in this together"? So we are, but while Mr Cameron and his family are independently wealthy and, along with others of their ilk, can well afford the crippling bills for heating and food we, the working classes on whose backs this country garnered its wealth, have to struggle along, hoping to survive - and that is those who are in employment.

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We are also told that benefits will be cut while, simultaneously, fuel prices and VAT rise to compensate for the sins of the grossly over-compensated bankers and other "investors" who created the problem to start with.

It is fortunate that in general this country is peaceful and both law abiding and law observing, but Mr Cameron and his quisling associate Nick Clegg would be well advised not to push the citizens of this country too far.

Brian Allan

Keith Street