Letter: Doing our bit

Your report "Lager adverts on Old Firm shirts 'linked to underage drinking'" (27 November) highlighted Tennent's sponsorship of Celtic and Rangers football clubs but did not include Tennent's response to the findings of the research, which concluded in March 2009 and predated Tennent's sponsorship, which commenced this summer.

Tennent's recognises its responsibilities as Scotland's leading brewer and we promote our products to our target market of over-18s in a responsible manner.

We operate our own marketing code, which we believe to be tougher than any other in the industry, and we work very hard to ensure that our branding does not appear on merchandise that is aimed at under-18s.

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We've been passionate supporters of Scottish football for more than 30 years and we promote our involvement in this important area of Scottish culture in accordance with all the relevant industry and government guidelines.

As a founder member of the Scottish Government and Alcohol Industry Partnership, we look forward to continuing to work with the industry, government and our partners to ensure that we continue to promote responsible drinking.


Managing director


Duke Street, Glasgow