Letter: Davidson’s policies are just a click away

YOUR columnist Duncan Hamilton needs to brush up his research skills. His claim (Insight, 13 November) that neither he nor Google had been able to identify “a single major issue, campaign or policy announcement” put forward by Ruth Davidson MSP, newly elected leader of the Scottish Conservatives, betrays an astonishing lack of attention as well as an inability to master the most basic data research techniques.

Had Mr Hamilton typed into Google “Ruth Davidson, sentencing” he would have discovered an array of entries detailing radical policy statements on judges having the right to determine when a life sentence should mean life, an end to the automatic release of prisoners, and alcohol and drugs becoming aggravating factors in the commission of crime.

Had he then typed in “Ruth Davidson, business rates” he would have found multiple entries on Ms Davidson’s policy for two-year rates “holidays” for new small businesses in Scotland.

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Further, if Mr Hamilton had entered “Ruth Davidson, pre-school education” he would have discovered several entries about Ruth’s plan to extend funded part-time pre-school education from 12.5 to 15 hours per week.

A little more basic research would also reveal that Ruth has promised to fight “tooth and nail” to preserve the Union. That might not be regarded as a “major issue” by Mr Hamilton, a former Nationalist MSP, but for Ruth and the vast majority of Scots who reject independence, it most certainly is.

Had Mr Hamilton looked a little closer, he would also have found that Ms Davidson is currently spearheading a campaign on behalf of Scotland’s beleaguered but vitally important computer games industry, and has given a firm commitment to lobby for better infrastructure and ferry links for the Highlands.

These are just a few examples of what Mr Hamilton would have found had he undertaken even the most superficial research for his article.

Alex Johnstone MSP, via email