Letter: Climate change a handy scapegoat

THE Met Office only issued an “amber” alert before Scotland was battered by hurricane-force winds. Only two hours after the storm hit did our national forecaster upgrade to a “red” alert.

The Met Office has spent millions of pounds on super-computers to predict what the weather will do but has failed miserably on numerous occasions. Remember the promises of a barbecue summer?

The Met Office is part of the “climate change conspiracy” with their computers telling us that unless mankind changes its ways we are doomed with rising temperatures.

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No doubt someone will rush to blame climate change for these storms since it is always a handy scapegoat. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also has super-computers designed to strike fear into the public and force us to pay green taxes in order to “save the planet”.

Strange how only the EU nations have signed legally binding CO2 emission reduction targets whilst the rest of the world grows their economies and emissions.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow