Letter: Clegg's quandary

ON A recent edition of the BBC's Question Time programme, George Galloway opined that the outcome of the Scottish parliamentary elections in May will signal the end of the ConDem coalition at Westminster.

This might appear to some to be an extreme prediction, based, no doubt, on Galloway's belief there will be a Lib Dem wipe-out north of the Border. Tavish Scott, however, might be well advised to fight the election without Clegg, Cable and Co by his side; to me, and I suspect many other ex-Lib Dem voters, they are a constant reminder of perfidy fuelled by a lust for power.

Those of us who follow political debate on radio and television will have noticed that it is the Lib eral Democrats who take all the flak from the audience, while the Tory panellists survive comparatively unscathed.

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It will be interesting to see how Nick Clegg fights the next general election; how can he, in party leaders' debates, attack and denigrate Conservative policies with the same vehemence and, as we now know, empty rhetoric that he employed in 2010.


Aldour Gardens

Pitlochry, Perthshire

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