Letter: Changes off track

The greatly heralded, so-called improved East Coast rail service to London is now operating. But where are the improvements?

All these extra services to Inverness/Aberdeen and Glasgow? The last train on a weekday to Kings Cross is now 30 minutes earlier, with most trains taking 20 minutes longer and there are none now during the day from Glasgow Central/Motherwell to Grantham/Peterborough or London, useful transfer points in the past. Indeed, this route was renationalised by the last Labour administration, promising many new services including London to Lincoln utilising the withdrawn Glasgow trains for this route.

However, the frequent Lincoln service is now only one a day so the stock is not required. Why has it not been returned to use in Scotland then rather on the Kings Cross/York services?

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A further deterioration is the withdrawal of the club 55 on all Sundays on all the East Coast company's services between Edinburgh/Dundee/Aberdeen. Demand for rail travel continues to exceed supply but the only renationalised rail company continues to deny Scotland the services it requires.


Hillpark Avenue