Letter: Breaking links

IT IS laudable that the Scottish Government is paying attention to sectarianism (your reports). However, whether the legal route is going to work is questionable.

The media side of sectarianism is seen in football crowds, so perhaps hitting the clubs involved in their financial matters might make them more pro- active. However, there is a much greater side to sectarianism in society as a whole, where companies and other organisations have a policy of employment or membership based on religious background.

This is especially prevalent in the mid and west of the Central Belt where, by coincidence, we still separate children at age of five and educate them in schools based on illogical interpretation of religious myths and a schism now over 450 years out of date.

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If the government really wants an equal society, then it has to tackle those senior officials whose employment depends on the continuation of these practices.

If our children are educated together, then the root of the tribal sectarianism would be removed and the defining of employment practices by school would be redundant.


Pairc a Ghlib

Strath, Gairloch

Wester Ross