Letter: BNP bogeyman

Nick Griffin's rightful presence at the Royal Garden Party (your report, 16 June) sets the scene for a modern version of the New Testament parable of the king who announced a marriage feast for his son, but when none of the guests accepted, ordered his servants to bring in anyone they could find to fill the hall.

The Great and Good who last year frothed protestations at Griffin's proposed attendance as someone else's guest will surely boycott the coming celebrations to avoid contamination, causing the Queen more embarrassment than any they claimed the British National Party leader would.

Her Majesty, having more diplomacy in her left small toe than all our politicians combined, would have suffered no inconvenience from his presence, but of course the "respectable" parties have a separate agenda, as they need the BNP bogeyman to distract attention from their own failures.

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For example, they deceitfully sank Britain in the morass of European membership, wildfire immigration and the Afghanistan conflict, so they would hope to drown out the knowledge that the BNP campaigns on a policy of ending all three. I'd vote for that.


Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian