Letter: Big boy George

You marked George Galloway's political comeback bid in your editorial ("Welcome back, gorgeous George", 9 November). George Galloway has always been happy for the Scottish Parliament to play "second fiddle" to Westminster.

Now he is no longer one of the "big boys" he thinks he can drag his Versace carpetbag over the Border and become an MSP.

It is not more "heavyweights" like Galloway the Scottish Parliament needs but more powers to drive economic growth, access the wealth from our oil and renewable energy resources and create jobs, or how about a favourite subject of George's: whether we should be the 51st state of the USA?

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On these big issues George is content for London to call the shots.

Jim Eadie

SNP candidate for Edinburgh Southern

Montague Street


I have long admired George Galloway for his principled stance on many issues, however, it is disappointing to read that he seeks to peddle the myth that independence would "impoverish" Scotland as one of his campaigning planks in his attempt to be elected to Holyrood.

This myth has long since been debunked and it is ironic that he has long been a tireless fighter for self-determination in many countries around the world, except, of course, his own.

One the other hand, does it not prove that, despite his firebrand image, Mr Galloway perhaps has more in common with New Labour than he would have us believe?

Gavin Fleming