Letter: ABE spells bigotry

"THIS is a football tournament." So writes Duncan Hamilton (Scrutiny, 6 June). That being so, I wonder why writing about it is not confined to the sports section. Perhaps he regards the World Cup as a godsend during what is usually regarded by journalists as "the silly season".

Where is this liberal elite that he refers to? I've not met a Scot in years who would support England.

He is right that the grainy images of 1966 should be confined to the archives – along with the Archie Gemmill goal (it was 1978 for goodness sake) and the grand slam win at Murrayfield in 1990 (will we never hear the end of it?).

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At least he did not claim some of his best friends are English but he will be supporting Argentina, Spain and Brazil – in other words, any team rather than England. It is this that makes him and those like him "narrow-minded bigots".

George Wilson, Holton-le-Clay, Lincolnshire