Lessons to learn

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For those in the near 50 per cent of the people of Scotland who did not vote for a Nationalist landslide, please do not be too despondent.

We lost nearly all the seats in this election but we have not yet lost our country.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Nicola Sturgeon will now be weighing up how this general election result can best be used to achieve what has always been, and always will be, her overwhelming ambition, namely the break-up of the UK.

Politicians across the spectrum and people throughout Scotland who care about keeping people together need to pace themselves for a long campaign through the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections and on through to a now-likely independence referendum re-run beyond that.

We will need to learn from all the hard lessons of 2014 and 2015 if we are to eventually turn back the Nationalist tide.

Keith Howell

West Linton