Left or right?

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Andrew Whitaker’s question “Just how left-wing is the SNP?” begs the question “Is the SNP left-wing”? (Perspective, 
22 April)

Surely both questions rely upon presentation, but crucially which ideological stance is projected depends on the audience.

It isn’t long ago since the Nationalists’ support base was in the North-east around Fraserburgh, Peterhead, Banff and Buchan and Moray. Some additional support was located in rural areas, mainly in Angus, but little in urban Scotland.

Overwhelmingly independence was rejected in Gordon and in the North-east, as well as in 28 out of 32 local authorities.

It could be argued that in the North-east for the former Conservative audience, the message isn’t even left of centre.

Whereas in the urban Central Belt with a newly enfranchised “dispossessed”, the message is left-wing.

In the previous Tory oil dependent North-east the Nationalist message is right-wing: “We are the party of business, oil and elite economics.”

Arguably contemporary campaigning methods and coverage on a national scale through television, newspapers and social media, dictate audiences and the messages can’t be kept apart.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk