Leader: Games chiefs must unwrap this mystery gift

Glasgow 2014 Ltd, the organisation in charge of hosting the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, has left too many questions unanswered over the resignation of its chief executive John Scott this week.

He quit over an unknown "gift" of undisclosed value from an unnamed potential supplier. This, he felt, was in breach of probity rules. The time of the incident is a secret and the rules are confidential. Mr Scott's resignation has been accepted, while the unidentified company that made the undisclosed offer remains as a potential supplier to the event with no action being taken against it.

Glasgow 2014 is making much of its arm's-length independence from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council. Indeed, it appears to enjoy diplomatic immunity from Freedom of Information requests and the most basic accountability over its affairs. But it is hardly independent. It is a taxpayer-funded organisation entrusted with substantial amounts of public money: 344 million from the Scottish Government, 80m from Glasgow City Council, with a further 100m expected to come from commercial revenue generated via sponsorship deals, broadcasting rights, merchandising, and ticketing.

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Outside of the organisation, no-one can vouch for the nature or circumstances of the gift which, we are told, "wasn't trivial, but it wasn't huge". The fog it has brought down over this affair is now threatening to besmirch not just the reputation of Glasgow 2014 but the Games project as a whole. A fuller explanation is required.