Lack of manners

I, LIKE George Taylor (Letters, 30 November), watched the television debate between Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael, last Wednesday.

I was appalled at the chairperson, who allowed Ms Sturgeon to rant and shout down Mr Carmichael, who was too polite to shout back. He said he was trying to play by the rules, but the chairperson ignored this. Ms Sturgeon, who was not playing by the rules at all, talked so loudly over Mr Carmichael that his arguments could not be heard and I am none the wiser, except that I believe Ms Sturgeon to be a very rude woman.

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On Thursday, on Question Time, David Dimbleby kept her in order and Mr Carmichael was allowed to put his arguments without interruption. Those that say Ms Sturgeon won the debate hands down on Wednesday – many of whom I have talked with did not watch the debate, but heard this via Twitter and the like – did not by definition see how rude and abrasive she was. Is this the type of behaviour we want representing Scotland?

Joyce Davidson

Hillend Road